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Please read the following message from our Executive Director regarding the postponement of the Great Cincy Race:

It is my unfortunate duty as Executive Director of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to inform you that the Great Cincy Race is being temporarily postponed due to the huge increase in COVID-positivity in Hamilton County within the past few days. Ohio saw more than 7,100 cases and Hamilton County saw 346 new cases just yesterday. The third wave of the pandemic is proving to be much more widespread and deadly than either of the previous two waves. When we planned this event in August, we were concerned about the spike in cases to almost 2,000 cases per day in the State. Our current realities are more than three times that number.

Your health and safety are our primary concern, as is curtailing the spread of the virus. We know that many of us are preparing for holiday events where we are unable to see our families. Many have ailing family members that they are unable to see due to the pandemic. Although we have planned an event that minimizes direct contact and promotes mask-wearing and social distancing, we cannot reduce the risk of virus transmission to zero. Your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our staff and volunteers, is too valuable to risk on this event at this time.

We are planning to conduct the Great Cincy Race once this third wave has subsided and the number of cases is reduced to a more manageable number. WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO EVENTUALLY JOIN WITH US TO CELEBRATE CINCINNATI AND MAYBE WIN SOME COLD, HARD CASH.

If you want to continue to participate when the race re-launches, you don’t need to do anything. If you want to cancel and have your registration fee refunded to you just let us know by clicking the button below. This decision was not entered into lightly. We believe that it is the right decision at this moment, and hopefully, soon COVID takes a turn for the better and we can all celebrate.


Jonathan Adee, Executive Director


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