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The main intention of our Greenspace program is to help improve neighborhoods across Cincinnati where ecological issues occur, equitable life is not flourishing, and consequential community infrastructures are in need of support. Through our Spaces to Places projects and Help-A-Lot initiatives; we aim to provide assistance for Cincinnatians by turning overgrown, vacant spaces into clean, green, healthy, and beautiful places filled with life in the neighborhoods of our wonderful Queen City. The goal of both programs is to be able to build equitable and healthy communities by encouraging people to restore underutilized public spaces into socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible spaces that reflect the social character of the neighborhood.


Spaces to Places


The focus of the Spaces to Places initiative is to support neighborhoods that are working to overcome social and economic disparities, environmental inequities, and lack of public greenspace. Vacant spaces are re-imagined, re-designed and then transformed, through partnerships with engaged community members, into places that improve the safety, health, and happiness of residents. We identify community priorities and develop projects that can range from edible education gardens, pocket parks, neighborhood gateway signs to interactive plant-filled areas with benches and chess tables.

Spaces to Places' effervescent determination to provide healthy environments for all of Cincinnati’s communities stems from the statistically-backed fact that more greenspace within a community is followed by a happier, healthier, safer, and economically sound neighborhood for its residents.

To view a copy of the application click here.


The 2023 Spaces to Places application has closed. Sign up below to receive the 2024/25 Spaces to Places Application. We will notify you when the application opens!

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Are you committed to beautifying Cincy? Here's what we look for in a community project partner:

Volunteers: At least half of the volunteers on any given project day must come from the neighborhood (most events consist of 10 volunteers provided by KCB). You must have a plan for recruiting community volunteers.

Partnership Development: You'll engage neighbors, businesses, churches, and community organizations who might provide additional project or partner support.


Maintenance Commitment: Individuals on your team will take on specific maintenance roles and coordinate volunteers to weed, water, collect litter and care for the site.


Help A Lot


Help A Lot is a partnership with the City of Cincinnati to clean and beautify littered and overgrown vacant properties that have been cited for tallgrass, litter, or other violations.

Help A Lot provides local non-profits, neighborhood organizations, and schools the opportunity to raise funds by recruiting volunteers to clean up properties designated by the city. You provide the people, we provide the tools, the Department of Buildings and Inspections provides a list of properties ready for abatement and the Department of Public Services provides the proper waste disposal. 

Your organization can clean or mow one of these properties, and in turn receive $150 for the initial work. Many properties get cited multiple times a year. If you clean the same property a second or third time, your group will receive $100.

Raise funds for your group by cleaning up littered overgrown lots in your neighborhood

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tree planting


As the climate changes and urban areas become increasingly heat-stressed, the need for greenspace and tree canopy is greater than ever.  KCB is up to the challenge and has expanded our tree planting initiatives throughout Cincinnati.  Keep scrolling to learn about these initiatives, access tree planting resources, and learn how you can get involved!

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