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Low Waste events

In collaboration with GoZero services, we offer assistance to local businesses and organizations trying to lessen their impact on the environment. We are proud of our commitment to be low waste in our offices and events, and we'd love for you to join us in diverting landfill waste! KCB will provide the supplies needed to support organic waste diversion as well as materials to educate guests on how to help make the event as low waste as possible. 

Suggested donation of $50-$75 depending on event size.

Your Event Will Receive

  • Collection bins for compostable waste (up to 6) with bags
  • Informational sandwich boards
  • Disposal services for collected compostable waste

  • One tote bag

Why Go Low Waste?

We host 10 major events annually with over 200-500 attendees that would traditionally generate thousands of pounds of organic waste each year. We challenge ourselves to make all of our events low waste, and now our events have become an opportunity to educate attendees on methods and resources to reduce their personal landfill footprint! You too can make your event low waste, by planning ahead to reduce solid waste from the event, reusing various elements (such as banners), and setting up waste stations for recyclable and compostable materials.

Planning an event? Contact Kirsten Brademeyer:


Frequently Asked Questions

What organic waste is accepted?

GoZERO Services is our commercial composting provider. Their accepted items include food scraps such as fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, cheeses, grains, bones, shells, baked goods, and basic paper products like unlined cups, plates, napkins, and paper towels. GoZERO is able to accept compostable serviceware like cutlery, hot cups, clam shells , and more, but only if those products are officially BPI Certified. When in doubt, throw it out! Find a link to GO ZERO’s general compostability flier here.

Where will I be picking up/ dropping off supplies?

Our office is located within the City of Cincinnati, Department or Public Services located at 1115 Bates Avenue, 45225, across from the Frisch’s on Central Parkway.

What are the sandwich boards for?

Our informational sandwich boards are to educate event attendees on acceptable recycling and compostables as well as direct event attendees to more resources on how to reduce their landfill footprint.

Why does KCB require a donation?

Services for commercial composting come at an expense. We request the donation to offset our associated costs. We significantly subsidize the costs that an individual would pay. We want to make hosting a more sustainable event possible and affordable. A $50 donation covers events below 200 attendees and $75 for events 200-400 attendees.


How can I pay the donation? 

Click Here to make a donation after your application has been approved.

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