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We are so excited to introduce you to Roots to Boots! 


Roots to Boots is KCB’s new workforce development program that partners with Cincinnati State  to connect young adults to jobs in sustainable landscaping and greenspace management. Not only does it provide training, certification, and access to green jobs for Cincinnati Public School graduates, it establishes a permanent maintenance plan for our growing number of KCB managed greenspace sites, allowing us to support more neighborhoods than ever.


It’s a program that has been two years in the making and will create permanent change in our most at-need neighborhoods. We know that cared-for greenspaces benefit the entire community by decreasing instances of litter, blight, and even violent crime. Roots to Boots is currently recruiting its first cohort in these same neighborhoods, ensuring residents not only have access to vibrant greenspaces, but to quality jobs in the green workforce. From planting trees to maintaining community gardens, participants will play a crucial role in beautifying and preserving the public greenspaces that define our city. 


Help us maintain our greenspace and provide access to green jobs today! Consider becoming a monthly donor to provide the perennial support needed for this program. We envision a city where public greenspaces are well cared for. By becoming a monthly donor, you'll help to water the seeds of environmental stewardship for a new generation, and ensure our greenspaces stay vibrant, healthy, and beautiful for years to come. Even a one-time gift can make a difference, by ensuring that our pilot program is a success and demonstrating that all Cincinnatians want more greenspace, more green jobs, and more maintenance for the transformed sites in their neighborhoods.

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