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Save Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

The City Manager proposed a budget that would cut the "vast majority" of funding to leveraged partners, including Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. In fact, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful would be the biggest loser in Duhaney's budget proposal with a 100% cut of $399,650. Mayor Cranley has pledged to restore full funding for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in his 2020 budget, but that is contingent upon the State of Ohio providing 1.9 million to the City through the Local Government Fund. 

Please call on City Council members to include Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in the 2020 Budget whether or not the State Local Government Fund comes to fruition. Without the City's support, we will need to cut staff, programs, and initiatives and we will not be able to provide many of the services that communities, schools, and local governments depend upon.   

 Make your Voice Heard! 

We know you care about Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and support our mission to empower people to build community and create a positive future through neighborhood revitalization, education, and mobilization.  Here are three things you can do to help save KCB. 

Email City Council (if the link does not work email 

Speak at a Budget Hearing in June 

Call Your Favorite City Council Member 

Christopher Smitherman   513-352-3464         
Tamaya Dennard               513-352-5205         
Greg Landsman                 513-352-5232        
David Mann                       513-352-4611        
Amy Murray                      513-352-3640         
Jeff Pastor                         513-352-5243        
Chris Seelbach                 513-3352-5287    
P.G. Sittenfeld                   513-352-5280          
Wendell Young                  513-352-3466         

Talking Points

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful provides a great return on investment. Studies repeatedly show that removing litter and blight enhances the physical condition of neighborhoods increasing the quality of life, safety, and property values. For every dollar invested in KCB, they return $29.24 in public benefit!  

KCB's high-impact, low-cost strategies leverage in-kind support, volunteers, and partnerships to achieve ambitious outcomes. On average neighborhoods where they are active experience a 9% reduction in quality of life crimes, a 22% reduction in blight, and a 37% increase in economic development. 

The budget proposal is not final and the City can restore full funding to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, but they need to hear from you. 





Our Impact This Year

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