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On Justice

For forty-two years Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has been a partner to all 52 neighborhoods of Cincinnati.  The events precipitated by the senseless killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police are an all too painful reminder of the overwhelming disparities that exist in our society.  We see the statistics and hear the heart-wrenching stories of our Black loved-ones, friends, and neighbors, and we stand in solidarity with you in fighting for real change in the laws, in access to meaningful employment, affordable and comprehensive healthcare, educational equality, and the right to jog down a street, come home from work, walk home from a concert, bird watch in the park, or any number of things that many take for granted.  We stand in solidarity with everyone peacefully demonstrating for lasting change.  Atrocities like this instill within us responsibility to fight against racism, inequity and injustice. Join with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in our efforts to keep our beloved City safe, clean, and healthy.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has been focused on environmental justice throughout our history.  We are pleased at the progress that Cincinnati has made in recent years, but we see, we hear, we know, that this renaissance carries with it its own racial divide.  Predominantly Black neighborhoods in Cincinnati experience more blight, less access to clean public spaces for their families, and are subjected to greater environmental health hazards. On top of that, illegal dumping criminals come to their neighborhoods and dispose of huge amounts of construction waste, furniture, tires, and other items. This is just another example of the systemic racism that plagues our neighbors and friends in Black neighborhoods. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful pledges to do everything in our power to bring environmental justice where it is needed most, to call out the racism of environmental injustice wherever we see it, and to band together as friends and family to combat racism in Cincinnati.

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