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Help-A-Lot works in partnership with the Department of Public Services to assist with the Mayor's Private Lot Abatement Program to remediate littered and overgrown vacant properties in the City of Cincinnati.

Help-A-Lot gives local non-profit, neighborhood organizations, or school groups the opportunity to raise funds by recruiting volunteers to abate properties designated by the city. Your organization can earn up to $100 for each private lot abated. You provide the volunteer labor, we provide the tools, and the Department of Public Services provides yard waste and garbage disposal.

How does it work?

Negligent property owners are cited for tall grass, excessive litter, or both, and have ten days to come into compliance. Properties that are not cleaned up within ten days are entered into the City of Cincinnati private lot abatement database. Once a property has been cited and entered into the database, your organization can clean or mow the property and receive $100 for the initial abatement. Many properties get cited multiple times a year. If you clean the same property a second or third time your group will receive $50.

If you have questions or want to learn more contact the Greenspace Program Manager Alistair Probst.

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