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Great American Cleanup


ADOPT-A-SPOT Information

Adopt-A-Spot encourages you to improve your neighborhood by cleaning littered curbs, sidewalks, and vacant lots; cutting grass and high weeds; planting flowers; removing signs from utility poles; reporting graffiti; and other activities.

Take part in this exciting and innovative program by "adopting" a portion of your neighborhood.  From business districts to your own block, "spot" will benefit your community in more ways than one!

Tools & Supplies 

In appreciation of your commitment to the quality of life within your community, we will provide supplies and support to aid in the beautification of your neighborhood. We will contact you at the end of each fiscal year to renew or discontinue your participation in the program.




You will receive:


Adopt-A-Spot Sign

Litter Stick

Invitation and Recognition to Love thy Nati Celebration & Rep the Crown Awards

SPOT CAPTAIN Responsibilities

Any individual, organized group, or business may participate in the Adopt-A-Spot program.  Up to three (3) individuals, an organization, or a business can adopt an area together.

All adopted spots must be on public property or in the public right-of-way.  This includes traffic islands, city-owned vacant lots, and the right-of-way between the curb and the sidewalk.


1) Clean the spot at least once per month.

Spot Captains may be required to pick up litter more than once per month if needed.

2) Report the amount of litter and recycling collected on a monthly basis.

3) Adopt the spot for at least 1 year.





Graffiti Removal Kit

Spot Captain T-shirt

Our Impact This Year

  • Children Educated


  • Volunteer Hours


  • Pounds of Litter & Debris Collected


  • Clean Up Events


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