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School Recycling Resources

Recycling Support

We believe it is important to “walk the talk!” We provide resources and support to help get recycling started or maintained in your school's cafeteria, common areas, and classrooms. Explore our page to find out what we can do to support your Green Teams (including Quarterly Prizes!), download recycling signage (that you can personalize!) to hang around your school, and discover activities and games you can do with students.

We can offer in-person recycling assistance as well! This may include helping your school start recycling or troubleshooting logistical or technical issues. Email Kirsten Brademeyer for more information.

Green Teams

Green Teams can be the backbone of recycling in schools! Green Team students help teachers, custodial staff, and building engineers perform day-to-day recycling tasks. They also utilize peer-to-peer messaging to empower the rest of the school to recycle and to recycle right!

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful offers Green Team support. If your school has a Green Team, register them below. Registered Green Teams can  receive in-person support from us and t-shirts! Once registered, contact Kirsten Brademeyer to schedule a visit.

Registered Green Teams can also enter to win Quarterly Prizes for all their hard work! Awards will be announced at the end of every quarter (4th quarter announced at midterm). If your team does not win, your entry will carry over to the next quarter. Winners receive:

  • A certificate acknowledging the team
  • Green gifts
  • $150 award
  • A feature in KCB's Newsletter and Social Media

Downloadable Signage

Signage can help improve the amount of students actively recycling and the quality of recycling! Download this signage to hang around your school! All signage fit on 8 x 11 or 11 x 17.

Classroom posters: to hang above or on classroom recycling bins

"Dump Liquids Here" Sign: to hang where students should dump the rest of their cartons before recycling

Large "We Recycle" Sign: **customizable** sign to hang around your school! 

Coming Soon!

Large Cafeteria "Recycling" Sign: to hang above recycling bin in cafeteria to showcase acceptable items

Large Cafeteria "Landfill" Sign: to hang above trash bin in cafeteria to showcase items that must be discarded

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