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Environmental Education

School Recycling Resources

School & Cafeteria Signage Support

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful believes it is important to “walk the talk”! If you school needs support with recycling in the cafeteria, common areas, or classrooms, we are here to help! We offer personalized recycling signage for your school and can offer other types including cafeteria visits as well. If you are considering starting recycling in your cafeteria, we can help set it up!

Green Team Support

We believe every school needs a Green Champion to empower the rest of the students! If your school has a Green Team that cares for the recycling, we would love to meet and support them. We will even bring these students our official Recycling Crew swag!

If you would like to take advantage of our signage, have a Green Team, or need assistance, please contact Kara Luggen.

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