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Environmental Education



Assemblies are a great educational tool and are also free to schools. We are able to educate hundreds of students about environmental issues in a short period of time in a fun and exciting way. Through our three assemblies, we encourage green behaviors with active participation throughout the assembly. Each assembly calls the students to action and offers them ways to help become an environmental steward of their community.

Interested? Please contact Lauren Gottschalk to schedule an assembly. Please note that the Wartville Wizard and How Litter Hurts Animals / The Wings of Wonder Bird Show have limited availability.

  • Ready, Set, RECYCLE
    Ready, Set, RECYCLE

    Ready, Set, RECYCLE is a 20-minute, information-packed pep rally to get students excited about recycling. We’ve made it a baseline requirement for classroom programming to familiarize students with our organization and the basics of recycling. We use giant props to capture the attention of students, K-8th grade. Students receive a recycling postcard with an activity, courtesy of Hamilton County Recycling & Solid Waste District.

  • The Wartville Wizard
    The Wartville Wizard

    Entering its 16th season, this whimsical, 30-minute play, utilizes Walnut Hills High School students as the actors who deliver the message that it's important to take care of your neighborhood. The traveling show is performed once a month and is under the direction of drama coach Kate Wilford. The assembly includes a 20-minute performance, followed by a question and answer period. At the conclusion, whenever possible, a Cincinnati Police Officer "deputizes" the student audience to be litter patrol officers in their communities. All students receive Junior Litter Patrol Officer Badges to show off to their families.

  • How Litter Hurts Animals / The Wings of Wonder Bird Show
    How Litter Hurts Animals / The Wings of Wonder Bird Show

    This is an exciting assembly that Keep Cincinnati Beautiful offers to K-6th grade students to demonstrate the harmful effects of litter on animals. The Cincinnati Zoo has modified its “Wings of Wonder” live bird show to include important information like what students can do to protect animals and the environment. It is a 45-minute program offered in the winter months.

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