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New Lines Mural Tour

Self-Guided New Lines Mural Tour exploring the hidden alleys of OTR & Pendleton

In recent years some OTR and Pendleton alleys have been gated and privatized, in prioritization of the car and to remediate issues of misuse. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s Arts Program uses art as a catalyst for change, taking underutilized, forgotten spaces and transforming them into celebrated, community places. New Lines is an ongoing collaboration with ArtWorks that offers artistic innovative solutions to issues of neglect in Cincinnati’s alleyways. Instead of solving problems by creating gates and barriers, the goal of New Lines is to create art that encourages connection, diversity, and inclusion as a way to revitalize space. The artwork--designed largely by local artists and painted with the help of ArtWorks youth apprentices--creates a sense of discovery for the pedestrian and encourages positive use of these beautiful public spaces.

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