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Group Events

Looking for a fun way for your group to give back?  

We provide private team-building opportunities for sponsors that are exclusively planned to meet your needs as well as the needs of the community.  Sponsorship amounts are suggested based on your group's size. Together, we've been able to spearhead a variety of impactful projects over the years, giving Cincinnati neighborhoods that extra helping hand when they need it most. 

We will plan a full-scale and all-inclusive volunteer project for your group during the cleanup season (March-November). We select a neighborhood, establish a focus area, and build a detailed project list with input from the community stakeholders. We take into consideration your group's needs in terms of size, duration of the event, time of year, location, activities, and any other special requests.  We provide all of the tools and supplies needed for the day of the event and help lead your group to accomplish the project tasks. 

To get your team involved, contact us for more information. or call 513-352-4385

“It was an absolute pleasure working with your team.  Seeing the impact we can have in a single day is truly amazing and warms my heart.  I cannot wait to see what we can do next year.” - Tonya Leytze, The Gorilla Glue Company

Our Impact This Year

  • Volunteer Hours


  • Pounds of Litter & Debris Collected


  • Clean Up Events


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    Nippert Foundation
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    Cincinnati Tool Bank logo

    Cincinnati Tool Bank Logo

  • Cincinnati Bell
    Cincinnati Bell
  • Barefoot Proximity
    Barefoot Proximity
  • Dater
  • Carton Council
    Carton Council
  • American Modern
    American Modern
  • PNC
  • CocaCola
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    kmk law
  • Cincinnati Development Fund
    Cincinnati Development Fund
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    Thompson Hine
  • Ameritas
  • First Financial
    First Financial
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