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This season, we are the recipients of an Ohio EPA grant to replace our 2001 Ford Econoline van named Greta, but we need your help. The grant provides $56,000 but it will cost KCB $80,000 to purchase her replacement, a Ford 2023 or 2024 E-transit Cargo Van and charging station. Can you help us bridge the gap and go the distance?

We are often told that we are a humble bunch; we show our values through our commitment to our city, rather than through marketing. We don’t showboat and we are very intentional about minimizing costs to maximize our impact. Case in point: we are still using a 2001 Econoline Van! Greta, our intrepid van, is nearing the end of her functional life, she doesn’t have air conditioning and breaks down at the worst times, including at our volunteer events!

For every dollar we raised last year, we returned $36 in community and economic benefit, and the impact of your gift will multiply with every mile and year to come. Your support means that Keep Cincinnati Beautiful can go the distance and create permanent change in our city and your investment in our new vehicle will have an impact for the next twenty years or more.

Thank you for including Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in your end of year giving and we look forward to planting more trees, painting more murals, and transforming more city blocks with you in the new year, using our new vehicle to make it all possible.

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