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About Us

Mission & Vision

It is our mission to empower all Cincinnatians to build community and create a positive future through revitalization, education, and mobilization.



    Cincinnati is Beautiful, for keeps. A safe, clean, and beautiful Cincinnati.


    Kindness, Fairness, Love, Honesty, Humor


    Build environmental stewardship in all neighborhoods

 We take great pride in our team, therefore we start with a foundation of trust and respect - it's easy and free. We strive to be forthright and resolve issues directly and respectfully, without passing them along. 
Problem Solver
 We anticipate problems, seek new solutions, and always do our best. We overcome obstacles to achieve the success we dream about and address those challenges without passing them along. We partner with subject matter experts so that we can focus on what we do best. We make long-term decisions and avoid short-term reactions, because with more input we make better decisions.
Community Minded
 We take great pride in our work and community. We value our partnerships as a means of moving things forward. We create a feeling of community in all that we do - together we are stronger – and it makes us who we are.  
 We practice warmth and genuine connection with others. We embrace our imperfections and practice humility – it’s important to recognize when we are wrong or to ask for help. We know that work-life balance is essential and value the importance of disconnecting. We smile, laugh, and have fun - it shows our authenticity. 
 We love life and work and know our purpose in it.  We insist on high standards and take pride in what we do - and the quality shows. We are relentless and value grit – pushing through even when things get difficult. We have genuine joy - yet humble delivery. 
Team Player
 We value compromise and collaboration and do what's best for the team without letting ego or personal agenda get in the way.  We step up and ask, “How can I help?” We chip in and do our part - because many hands make for light work and is critical to our success.
Clear Communication
 We value direct communication as a means of creating efficiency, understanding, and progress. We align on details and are considerate of others’ schedules as we work toward a common goal. Transparency and open communication resonate with us. We are present and engaged.
 We hold ourselves and others to high standards and are consistent role-models within our team.  We drive accountability and decision-making at the right level.  We recognize our weaknesses and are responsible for our actions. We honor our commitments and follow-up - as it’s a reflection of our organization. 
 We embrace diversity and foster belonging which allows our culture to thrive. We create space for others, embrace new perspectives, and get outside our comfort zone.  We engage with those we don't know well, because that's how we alter perspective.  We develop a level of understanding about each other, as a means to learn from one another.
Honest & Trustworthy
 We are responsible for our actions, which builds on our foundation of trust and respect.  We say what we mean and do what we say.  We possess high integrity.  We are ethical and strive to do the right thing – always.

Our Impact This Year

  • Volunteer Hours


  • Pounds of Litter & Debris Collected


  • Clean Up Events


  • Nippert Foundation
    Nippert Foundation
  • Cincinnati Tool Bank logo
    Cincinnati Tool Bank logo

    Cincinnati Tool Bank Logo

  • Cincinnati Bell
    Cincinnati Bell
  • Barefoot Proximity
    Barefoot Proximity
  • Dater
  • Carton Council
    Carton Council
  • American Modern
    American Modern
  • PNC
  • CocaCola
  • kmk law
    kmk law
  • Cincinnati Development Fund
    Cincinnati Development Fund
  • BostonBeerCompany
  • ContractSweepers
  • Motz
  • Thompson Hine
    Thompson Hine
  • Ameritas
  • First Financial
    First Financial
  • Rumpkee
  • Rohr
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